What do you prefer most in a manicure? Long-lasting wear Or color? Well, OPI can give you both. Over the years, there have been numerous nail innovations to ensure exceptional consistency, coverage, wearability, and outstanding general performance. Since the 1920s, nail formulations have significantly improved. However, the recent innovations have been more prolific due to the discovery and the introduction of new gel ingredients that have helped make the industry healthier and better. Consequently, there has been a discovery of hybrid systems that last for a minimum of 10 days and provide a high-quality shine. These hybrids quickly dry under normal light without the need for artificial sources of light.

OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI is famous for its numerous colors, thus providing manicure lovers with a huge variety to choose from. Furthermore, OPI gel and lacquer is characterized by funny names as well as a general global recognition. With professional use, it can last for over a week. It also has over 100 award-winning shades that can be used to achieve different manicure designs.


Numerous advanced ingredients are used in the formulation of OPI nail lacquer. Its manufacture involves the use of coloring agents, solvents, plasticizers, and film-forming agents. This way, users can get a high quality, even, and smooth duo coat manicure. A blend of gel and lacquer is used in the formulation of OPI infinite shine. When exposed to ambient light, the resultant manicure is long-lasting.

Photoinitiators, curing oligomers, and ambient light are the main ingredients in most hybrid systems. The short-chain of monomers that either cure or react under ambient light are known as oligomers. Their exposure leads to the formation of a durable, shiny, and tough coating. Oligomers were previously used in hard gel or traditional formulas. However, some oligomers are currently being used in different hybrid nail polishes to produce polishes that last longer and shine more than their predecessors. Photoinitiators, on the other hand, are a distinct type of materials that, when exposed to a particular kind of light and paired with oligomers, cause a reaction. Photoinitiators in hybrid polishes are designed to react under visible light.

How it Works

The formulation ensures a long-lasting manicure with exceptional shine enjoyed for not less than seven days, especially when the official application protocol for OPI lacquer is followed. In the delivery of OPI nails professional services, the natural nails are first prepped, followed by a base coat’s application. Two-color coats then follow, and a finishing topcoat is applied. It is recommended to use the three essential products following the recommended steps To achieve the best results. These products include a lacquer made of vivid and ultra-rich colors with over 100 specially designed and unique shades. A primer is used to provide the colors with a firm grip by priming the nails and deterring stains. A gloss is the third item that acts as the topcoat, and when exposed to ambient light, it cures to form a hard film. It is formulated with oligomers and photoinitiators that are reactive under ambient light. It also contains polymers that form a hard film to ensure improved shine, durability, and long wear. However, the coating can easily be removed using the usual nail lacquer remover or a nail wipe.

OPI Application Steps

If you choose to have your OPI manicure done by professionals, many salons tend to provide such services. However, it is also possible to have a perfect manicure in the comfort of your home. Nonetheless, achieving the needed perfection, whether in a salon or at home, is done in 5 primary steps.

Prepping is the initial step where any pre-existing lacquer is removed using an Expert Touch Lacquer Remover. Warm water and soap should then be used to wash the hands. Grime and dirt under the nails also need to be removed. Additionally, the cuticles need to be cleaned. Exfoliating Cuticle Cream or any other cuticle softener should be used to push the cuticle backward. Overgrown cuticles can be removed using a cuticle nipper. The third step involves shaping the nails by using nail clippers to achieve the desired length. A nail file should also be used to shape the nail tips.

Buffing the nails should then follow, and a buffing block should be used. The last step involves prepping and protecting the nails. The nails’ health and strength are ensured by using a base coat such as the OPI Original Nail Envy. Lastly, the colors should be sealed using an OPI top coat to deter chipping.


OPI gel and nail lacquer is a well-distinguished nail polish that has achieved its fame from providing its users with a shiny, long-lasting, and elegant finish. It has over 100 award winning colors that can be used for DIY at home or in salons. It also has easy application and removal processes, which gives the other nail polishes a run for their money.