Organic Cosmetics

We are not only what we eat but also what we apply to our bodies, In the Bodhi Tree House you will find a select group of organic cosmetics that are made from the purest most raw and unique ingredients to nurture your skin and soul.


Natural Scents accompanied with organic ingredients make up our collection of candles. Nothing better to feed the soul than a set of candles to create your own session of aromatherapy

And quartz we are energy and it is very important to maintain our prana (energy) in its highest and cleanest form. With crystals, quartz and minerals from all around the world you will be able to canalize your energy for specific purposes and maintain your rise and explore your light.

Flower bach flower essences help your treat your body in a homeopathic way guarantying that meanwhile you heal your specific deficiencies you will not be harming your self in any way. Bach flowers offer definitely to all extent a holistic approach to keep your balance.

Decoration the spaces you live in act as temples, here you will find statues, pillows and decorative elements to help you build your temple and remind you every second that you are in constant evolution and constantly loved.

And gems ranging from Buddhist Prayer beads (Malas) to special unique pieces made of crystals and quartz here at the Bodhi Tree House you will be able to find magical amulets to accompany your day to day.