Going for any topcoat advertised as the best in the market is a common mistake that many manicure lovers make. Unfortunately, most of these products tend to be bad for the nails or do not produce the needed results. Consequently, chipping and lifting of the polish have been impossible to avoid. Even after applying the best nail polish that can serve you for almost a month, lack of a topcoat that matches the polish’s quality can make your manicure to start chipping or lifting after just two days of application. Most of the nail polishes, including Kiara Sky, SNS, and DND nail polish, come with their topcoats. There are also other topcoats in the market that you can always opt for depending on your needs or preferences. Topcoats are differentiated according to their specialties like ultra-quick drying and gel-like shine. Avoiding all the hustle that comes with searching for the best base and top coat has been our main concern. Some of the leading topcoats in the beauty industry have been sampled in this article.

Best High-End Brand: Smith and Cult Above It All Top Coat

One of the highly dedicated companies to providing you with the best topcoats in the market is the Smith and Cult. It results in a unique and long-lasting manicure when used on the nails. You will be forced to reapply the polish after the nails outgrow the polish where Smith and Cult Above It All Top Coat has been used. Furthermore, this topcoat does not smear your nail polish while stamping the nails, which is common when using most of the other topcoats. Applying it requires gentle hands, but it is ideal for providing your nails a long-lasting manicure and the chicest look. The product is formulated without the eight most commonly used nail polish ingredients that are also toxic. This topcoat does not quickly dry up, which allows a long-lasting manicure. The bottles containing the product are designed to look like high-end perfumes instead of nail polish. Furthermore, the gold piece on the handle can also be lifted to uncover a smaller but ribbed brush handle. It is also well renowned for its wet-looking finish with a very high gloss that does not quickly become dull.

Londontown Kur Gel Genius Top Coat

The Gel Genius is a topcoat that provides your nails with a long-lasting, wet, and gel-like shine. The product is packed in opaque bottles because it reacts with UV light despite its air dying properties. It cures under sunlight just like the regular gels allowing it to grow stronger. Besides, removing it does not require special techniques. Additionally, it lasts for over a week preventing the nails from chipping or lifting, and it has average drying time. The kit contains a thick and full brush allowing application in a single or two strokes without leaving brush marks behind. Besides, it is formulated with repressed flower oil that is perfect for nail nourishing. It is also cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and eight-free.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Unlike most of the other top coats, Sache Vitte is fast drying, and it provides the user with a bright glossy shine and a long-lasting manicure. Furthermore, this top coat ensures that your nail art remains as exquisite as you want because it does not smear the nail art you have worked so hard to achieve. Besides, it bonds the mani coats allowing them to last longer. However, ensure that you apply it while your polish is still wet to prevent the coats from peeling or chipping. Pregnant women are cautioned against using this topcoat because it is formulated with harsh chemicals unsafe for them. Reviews from users indicate that the product tends to shrink from the polish edges but, this can be avoided by applying it while the polish is still wet. Furthermore, it should be applied thickly and across the free nail edges.

When applying this topcoat, it should be allowed to bead on the brush’s end. A drop should be carefully placed on the wet nails, and the brush used to spread it on the free edges and the rest of the nails. Fifteen minutes are enough for the paint to have dried out. The good thing with this brand is that it manufactures its thinner known as “Restore” to be used on the polish when it thickens.


If you are a fun of the top polishes in the market like SNS, Kiara Sky, or DND gel polish, you will comfortably enjoy the topcoats provided in their kits. However, if you want more, there is a hoard of other coats in the market that can be used as alternatives. Ensure that you are aware of the properties and ingredients in the product you are about to use to get the best results.